Who can break through the midstream melee in smart home?
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  The smart home exuding golden light from the inside to the outside, everyone wants to occupy a place first, so thousands of troops are willing to make a mistake, and enter the melee, an ambitious torrential battle, the prologue has been pulled. open……

  With the advent of the dividend period for the development of the smart home industry, the market is becoming more and more popular. The upper, middle and lower reaches of the market have split into multiple segments. Each segment has many market entry points and brand opportunities, and it is located in the industrial chain. As one of the teams, the integrators in the midstream have ushered in a new round of horse racing opportunities.

Integrators take advantage of the rise to compete in the middle

  The smart home midstream industry is mainly concentrated in entertainment, kitchen and bathroom appliances, switch control, smart security, smart lighting, indoor environment, system control and system integration of interconnected platforms, etc., in the vast army of smart home industry, it is located in the midstream The system control and system integration is the most concentrated and most advantageous field in China.

  In the midstream field, because there is currently no smart home brand that can fully implement all the smart products included in the smart home system, there is a group of smart home system integration solutions and “full-stop” solutions for consumers. "Service team-smart home integrator. In the development process of the domestic smart home industry, smart home integrators are one of the oldest squares, and are also the link between manufacturers and users in the industry chain. Integrators are the most critical link in the implementation of smart homes. The multiple values ​​of sales, integration, design, installation and service.

  Some integrators have been in the industry for many years, some have their own R&D and design teams, some have strong partners in channels, some are good at user interaction experience design, and some are slightly better in service , All have their own tools for survival and development. In the entire smart home industry chain, midstream companies have the deepest accumulation and precipitation in the industry, the highest degree of understanding of intelligence, and the employees are relatively more professional. At present, the number of distribution service providers of each brand of smart home will not be lost to the sum of enterprise distribution service providers in any traditional field. They promote the education and transformation of early users of smart home, connect upstream and downstream manufacturers, establish channels, and link real estate Developers and distributors have guided and promoted the landing and development of smart homes in China.

  With the IOT development of network technology and integration technology, located in the middle reaches of the integrator is more active in the field of intelligent home will be the future, they are the current constraints of the consumer experience bottlenecks, they have B2B / B2C channels to promote the strengths and resources The advantage of integration capability is the most valuable industrial chain participant in the promotion of smart home. This also means that the midstream field of smart home has the most development potential and industrial value, and system integrators may become the biggest winners.