2021 Trend Research and Judgment: Market Scale and Status Quo of Fingerprint Lock Industry
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  Editor's guide: Nowadays, with the development of technology, more people will choose smart locks, such as fingerprint locks; but some users have some doubts about smart locks, and merchants must pay more attention to the creation of security in order to promote smart locks Faster; the author of this article shared about the market size and current situation of the fingerprint lock industry, let’s take a look.


  The author once sank the smart lock market for two years of research and development and design. Due to the lack of understanding of the overall market view, the cognitive level of the industry is low. This article serves as a part of the review of the smart lock project. .

  Although, even at the end of 2020, the smart lock industry has become a red sea, and there are still many new entrants. The author predicts that major brand lock companies will not have a monopoly advantage for a long time in the future.

  The smart lock industry chain is becoming mature, but the market is still at an early stage, and users need to continue education.

  At the same time, as an entry-level household product, smart locks have zero tolerance for after-sales service in time if there is a problem.

  Smart locks are sold in large quantities with the help of the Internet. If you don't lay a solid foundation, no matter which brand, the more it sells, the faster it will die.

  The ToC market has higher requirements for product quality and service. Lock factories need to focus on creating high-quality products and establish an efficient pre-sales and after-sales service team to establish more certainty for the future development of the company.

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  Domestic smart lock consumers are mainly concentrated in high-income households in urban areas. The target market is about 169 million households (refer to the market size analysis below). By 2020, the sales of smart locks are expected to exceed 32 million sets, with a market penetration rate of 10%~20% between.

  For a new product to succeed in the mass market, it must reach the turning point (the gap zone) of 15% to 18% market acceptance.

  Only then can the market really open up, and the entire market has begun to enter the Warring States Period from a melee.