All-round franchise policy
vigorously build a whole house smart brand

Strong subsidy policy, vigorously support shop opening

Provide opening support, decoration subsidy, location subsidy, advertising subsidy,
sample subsidy, special product subsidy and other subsidy policies to share brand resources with you.

Accurate drainage and transaction in store

Accurate placement of advertisements on mainstream online platforms, offline store experience, and efficient transaction orders.

Expert lecturer, one-on-one training and lectures

Provide all-round training support, special expert-level training courses,
one-on-one on-site teaching, and shop opening more professional.

Smart Home, a one-stop whole-house smart home marketing tool

Get product information quickly, generate plans online, manage orders and projects in real time,
and make plans, quotations, product selection, service, and management easier.

Enjia Smart Franchise Advantage

branded advantages

Enjia Smart is the preferred brand of smart homes in the whole house, and is favored by investors and consumers.


Product advantages

The MixPad series of smart switches launched by Enjia Intelligent has a great competitive advantage and leads to industry development.


Design advantage

Enjia Smart is the winner of a number of global design awards and is committed to creating technological aesthetics.


Technical advantages

Enjia Intelligent has applied for more than 300 patented technologies, and conducted technical training and practical training for franchisees , and taught them to the meeting.


Training advantage

Enjia Intelligent Innovation Academy has launched 46 sessions so far, and has trained more than 3,000 people. To provide superior support services and guidance to the franchisee to ensure security franchisee can quickly carry out operations, and achieve profitability.


Service advantage

Provide for the franchisee from market research, store location opened renovated to transport operators guidance, follow-up technical services of professional full-service.

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